About the Allergy Mom

Hi! I’m Rachel and I am an allergy-friendly domestic engineer, also known as a stay at home mom with a child who has food allergies. 

My hobbies include eating Mexican food, watching as much TV as I can after my children are put to bed, Spring cleaning my house every month, and mall walking. Yes, you read all of that right. I am sarcastic, straight to the point, and if you look up “type-A” in the dictionary, you’ll find my smiling face. I am a math teacher by degree and loved molding masses of young minds. My dream job, however, is to be a professional organizer. By that, I mean that I would go into people’s homes, throw out all of their junk, spend all of their money at The Container Store, and then organize the you-know-what out of their spaces. Know someone who’s hiring? Let me know.

My husband, Blake, and I have made our home in Tomball, Texas where we are raising our two kids, Gene and Farrah. We also have a pesky French Bulldog named Genevieve. We are a house divided when it comes to College Football (Gig’em!) but are united when it comes to putting family first and loving the Lord.

When Gene was six months old, he was diagnosed with food allergies (nuts, eggs, and wheat to be exact) and my life drastically changed. My eating habits, my parenting style, and my grocery budget were all forced to shift, but along with those things, my passion and my purpose in life also shifted.

If you knew me as a child, I was overly sensitive and shy. So shy, in fact, that if you simply looked at me, my face would turn red and I would tear up. Somewhere along the path of growing up, I changed. I became bold, confident, and secure in who I was.

At times I am bossy and outspoken, and I always like to be in control. I am not for everyone. However, I whole-heartedly believe that God gave me these characteristics because His plan was for me to one day be Gene’s mom. These are the qualities that an allergy mom must have and that is exactly what I am.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for taking the time to learn more about food allergies and the impact they have. I am incredibly grateful that you have decided to follow along as I passionately live out my purpose.